Product Recall Notices

  • Industrial Scientific - Product Recall Notice

    Recall notice for the 4CF carbon monoxide sensor.

  • Reliance - Product Recall Notice

    It has come to Reliance's attention that certain Reliance Electric Motors supplied in specific equipment manufactured by J.H. Fletcher & Co. may not be MSHA compliant. The non- compliance consists of possible improper packing of the electric motor's cable packing gland.

MSHA - Information Bulletins

  • Program Information Bulletin NO. P07-27

    This Program Information Bulletin (PIB) is to inform the mining community of a retrofit program for the calibration cup for the General Monitors Machine Mounted Methane Monitoring Systems listed in the table below. In addition, General Monitors added a verification ("bump test") to the calibration procedure to ensure the unit is properly calibrated.

  • Program Information Bulletin NO. P07-24

    The purpose of this bulletin is to increase awareness about the hazards of using portable, handheld roof drills (also known as "stoppers" or "jacklegs" and also commonly referenced by brand names such as the Gopher or the Wombat). MSHA encourages the use of roof bolting machines with Automated Temporary Roof Supports (ATRS) as described in 30 C.F.R. ยง 75.209(c)(1).

Vendor Notifications

  • Caterpillar - Safety Notification

    This notification is intended to provide information on the hazards and risks associated with high-pressure fuel lines and other pressurized fluid systems on Caterpillar machines.