Technical Information Documents

Fletcher® is now providing a NEW section for Technical Information Documents.

This section will provide valuable information on new service tools and procedures to keep your machine running safely. Technical documents will provide detailed information on how to install components on equipment, how to maintain your system in safe working order and specific tips on maintenance requirements. To read a document from the list below, simply click on the document number and the entire document will be available to read and/or print. If you have any questions about the content of a document, please send an email to or

1 10/13 A ATRS Beam Lift Fixture
11 11/14 A Replacing Pump Motor (R.H. or L.H.)
12 11/14 A Replacing Blower (L.H. or R.H.)
16 11/14 A Replacing Tram Brake Caliper Assembly (Excludes JHF# 53777)
20 11/14 A Removal and Replacement of Dust Box
23 03/15 A Installation & Replacement of Pre-Cleaner Extension Tube
25 06/18 A Drill Feed Cylinder Bolt-On Replacement Procedure
26 10/15 B Replacing Tram Motor Dual Sprocket W/Brake Disc Assembly - (LH or RH)
27 10/15 B Replacing Tram Countershaft - (Front/Rear - LH or RH)
31 02/16 A Adjusting the 38187 ATRS Valve Package
32 03/17 B Installing Sticker Tags